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Latest Stardew Valley Mods

Togepi Replacement Mod for Stardew Valley

Like the name of this mod, Togepi Replacement Mod will replace dog in Stardew Valley by Togepi. So credits to ...
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Mew Replacement Mod for Stardrew Valley

Mew Replacement Mod edits a few things to get the sprites to work right for this game. Mew is owned ...
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Pusheen The Cat Mod for Stardew Valley

Pusheen the Cat Mod replaced your usual cat with Pusheen the Cat, everyone’s favorite Grey Tabby! Pusheen The Cat Mod ...
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Ghost Horse Mod for Stardew Valley

The regular horse was a bit vanilla, so Ghost Horse Mod changed the colors, made the eyes light up, and ...
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Tuxedo Cat Mod for Stardew Valley

Tuxedo Cat Mod will recolor of the default cat sprite to look like my real cat. Tuxedo Cat Mod Credit:crimshad ...
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Hot George Mod for Stardew Valley

With Hot George Mod, George will transform to Stephen Hawking  and will have some retouched versions. This will be easier ...
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Latest Stellaris Mods

Super Advanced Governments for Stellaris

This mod expands the government types, adding third level governments. After researching Galactic Reforms, you will be able to upgrade ...
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ZBeautiful Battles Mod for Stellaris 1.2.4

ZBeautiful Battles Mod ZBeautiful Battles Mod improves the battle aesthetics of the game. The original game was made in such ...
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Some More Polices Mod for Stellaris

This mod adds some new policies to the game. Currently I have only two policies, more updates to come! The ...
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Interstellar Extras – Humans Mod for Stellaris

“Interstellar Extras – Humans” Core Features: (REQUIRES Interstellar Essentials to work) Pre-scripted Human Empires – 8 new fully detailed human ...
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ISBS – Micro Jump Mod for Stellaris

Improved Space Battles – Micro Jump adds the ability to jump ships over a short distance during combat. The mod ...
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Realistic Stars Mod for Stellaris 1.2.1

Did you know red dwarves are more than 70% of our galaxy stars? or that only K, G and F stars ...
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Latest KSP Mods

Lost Twins Mod for Ksp 1.1.3

Lost Twins Mod adds a brown dwarf, 4 planets and 2 moons. more will likely come in the future. Screenshots: ...
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KEI Mod for Ksp 1.1.3

“Field tests of our new science equipment is a common practice, that gives us a lot of valuable information. However ...
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AutoLoadGame Mod for Ksp 1.1.3

AutoLoadGame Mod Simple KSP plugin that automatically loads the specified savegame upon game start. To use it, create or edit ...
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Mini Sample Return Capsule Mod for Ksp 1.1.3

Mini Sample Return Capsule Mod contains two parts, a command/parachute and heatshield/cargobay. It is currently 2AM, so I don’t want ...
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RemoteTech Mod For KSP 1.1.3

RemoteTech Mod is popular mod was combined with Kerbal Space Program (KSP) to establish the unmanned space program, adds a ...
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Kerbal Alarm Clock Mod for KSP 1.1.3

With the Kerbal Alarm Clock you can create alarms for the following situations: Raw time alarms – created for either a ...
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Latest Factorio Mods

SimpleTeleporters Mod for Factorio

SimpleTeleporters Mod adds simple teleporters with different tiers and GUI features! SimpleTeleporters Mod Informations Type: Mod Name: SimpleTeleporters Description: This ...
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Afraid Of The Dark Mod for Factorio

Night is too dark for you ? Enforced personal lights, powerful balloon lights or a pair of natural tinted night ...
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Electric Furnaces Mod for Factorio

Electric Furnaces Mod adds electric versions of the stone and steel furnaces (which can fast-replace the existing ones), and level ...
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Fuel Farmer Mod for Factorio

You fell behind in class, so you were never taught how to interface the electric inserters to the power grid ...
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UpGrade Mod for Factorio

I would like to share my mod with you. I add some upgraded vanilla stuff that can be useful. It ...
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VanillaEx (Vehicles, Defense, Energy & More!) Mod for Factorio

This mod is mainly focused on vanilla aspects, especially offense/defense and solar energy. I take balance very seriously. Everything in ...
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