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Tower Defense Mod for Factorio

Tower Defense Mod for Factorio Tower Defense Mod Futures Build a maze out of walls and turrets to keep biters that are spawning in waves and possibly multiple positions from reaching a valuable target Campaign including a tutorial and three maps. Making new maps shouldn’t be too hard Four different, unlockable turrets Simplified crafting recipies. […]

D.Y.S.T.O.P.I.A Mod for Factorio

My task was to rebalance the game so that I was playing it enjoyable, I was not satisfied with the standard requirements of technology, the ability to gather steam generator of the two sticks and a piece of iron as well as half of the same enemy that differ only in size and color attackers […]

Assembly Zero Mod for Factorio

This 1×1 assembler can only craft recipes with 1 ingredient. It’s primarily intended to produce iron gear wheels, pipes and copper cables directly in front of another assembler, while saving a lot of space. When combined with side inserters, it can be even more efficient. It has a high crafting speed, so producing copper cables […]

Supreme Warfare Mod for Factorio

You enjoy playing Factorio but you feel something is missing? I say you need bigger guns! The first iteration of Supreme Warfare gives you four artillery cannons to play around. Credit : SpeedyBrain Mod for Factorio Download (369 downloads)

Tree house Mod for Factorio

New kind of Tree house and tree workers, produce trees and charcoal. Tree house is a logistic provider container, so you can use logistic robot to get the raw-wood from the house. Tree plant in different lands have different effects, I suggest that you plant in the grass. Credit: s-leaf Tree house Download: (211 downloads)

Bucket Wheel Excavator Mod for Factorio

It is about the size of 10 basic mining drills, but mines 14 times faster than 1 basic mininig drill. It creates quite alot of pollution since for one, it doesn’t use water to “clean” the air of particles that comes as a result of mining(atleast thats what they do in real life) It is […]

Air Filtering Mod for Factorio

Contents: Adds a Machine to reduce pollution (now with its own graphics provided by y.petremann!) Adds Air filters, which are used by the air filter machine Adds Recipes for creating Air Filter Machine, Air filters and recycling used air filters Adds Technologies for researching air filtering and things Notice, that this mod does not aim […]

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