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Category: Electricity

SimpleTeleporters Mod for Factorio

SimpleTeleporters Mod adds simple teleporters with different tiers and GUI features! SimpleTeleporters Mod Informations Type: Mod Name: SimpleTeleporters Description: This mods adds easy-to-use teleporters! License: Contact me! Version: 0.0.5 Release: 2015-10-21 Tested-With-Factorio-Version: 0.12.12 Category: (Item, SimpleExtension, Gameplay) Tags: Free, New Items, Teleportation How to use SimpleTeleporters Mod Its simple: first you need to research the “Teleportation”. […]

Afraid Of The Dark Mod for Factorio

Night is too dark for you ? Enforced personal lights, powerful balloon lights or a pair of natural tinted night glasses could be the solution ! Credit: BinbinHfr Afraid Of The Dark Mod Afraid Of The Dark Mod Infos Type: Mod Name: AfraidOfTheDark License: Creative Commons Version: 1.0.5 Release: 2016-05-07 Tested-With-Factorio-Version: 0.12.33 Multiplayer compatible: tested on […]

Electric Furnaces Mod for Factorio

Electric Furnaces Mod adds electric versions of the stone and steel furnaces (which can fast-replace the existing ones), and level 2 and 3 versions of the electric furnace, with faster smelting speeds and more module slots. New research to unlock the higher tiers of electric furnace is also added. Credit : GotLag Electric Furnaces Mod Electric […]

UpGrade Mod for Factorio

I would like to share my mod with you. I add some upgraded vanilla stuff that can be useful. It should work for MP just fine. 6 additional underground belts Improved basic/fast/express underground belt – length 15 Advance basic/fast/express underground belt – length 30 Longer versions of vanilla items. 6 additional underground belts. 4 additional […]

Water Well Mod for Factorio

Even when you are under the heavy sun of a desert land, there is always water somewhere under your feet… So use this water well pump to find it ! This pump produces a maximum of 100 water per second and consumes 100kW. The recipe to build this pump just requires steel processing technology and […]

Replicators Mod for Factorio

Each tier of replication unlocks new recipes, and replicates faster. Replication takes nothing but power- but a LOT of it. The higher tier replicators are much less efficient than the lower, in exchange for the speed. The original goal of this mod was to make power management a little more gamey. You will HAVE to […]

Electric Walls Mod for Factorio

I and my friend Mat5i6 have decided to create our very first mod, which we hope you’ll find at least a bit useful. This mod brings you a completely new type of wall, an electric wall, which causes a fixed amount of damage on touch. It doesn’t require any energy for now, but the necessity […]

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