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Lua Combinators Mod for Factorio

Run a lua script in response to logistic network. Can be used to query and control all in game objects. Basically command blocks for Factorio Lua Combinators Mod Example Scripts –Wagon Inventory detector (no loop, repeat, post) if (condition.value) then output:clear() for _,entity in pairs(entities) do if == “cargo-wagon” then inv = entity.get_inventory(1); for […]

Time Tools Mod for Factorio

Time Tools Mod adds a tiny time toolbar at the top of the UI, that displays a clock, allows to switch from night-and-day mode to continuous daylight and to tweak game speed. Also adds a Clock Combinator item to have access to time variables through the logistic network. Screenshots: Time Tools Mod Download: (240 […]

Homeworld Mod for Factorio

The main objective of Factorio has changed, instead of racing to the Rocket Silo, you must now supply your homeworld with an ever increasing supply of resources. Homeworld also adds a bunch of new machines, production chains and technology. Such features include farms, fisheries, alcohol, building materials, terraformers and more. Credit: ljdp Homeworld Mod Homeworld Mod […]

Stamina Mod for Factorio

Stamina is a small mod that causes hand crafting items to slowly drain your health. 1 second of crafting costs 1 health (the vanilla player’s max health is 100). So you might want to rethink hand crafting that level 3 module… Credit : Schmendrick stamina Download (29 downloads)

SpaceBook Mod for Factorio

It’s a nice planet indead. Sunsets are so wonderful. And Aliens are fun and playful. But well… Admit that you were really starting to feel lonely when you finally discovered this SpaceBook social network ! At first sight, it was a nice way to gather a bunch of buddies to help you maintain your factory, […]

Vanilla Plus Mod for Factorio

his mod improves gameplay and balance of the base game while maintaining its original flavour. Though there is additional content, the main focus is on rebalancing so every aspect of it becomes more meaningful and interesting. For more details and a change list, follow the forum link. Credit : Nasabot Vanilla Plus Download (127 downloads)

Underground Belt Spotter Mod for Factorio

Usage in modpacks: Always allowed, just send a PM to note me, no need to wait for confirmation. Using code or other parts in other mods: Always allowed, just send a PM to note me, no need to wait for confirmation. taking mod over when orphaned; anyone interested. The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) [2015] […]

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