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Category: Manufacturing

Landfill Mod for Factorio

Converts a 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 tile area to land. Flood-fills bodies of water using landfills from your inventory. Can be placed by clicking and dragging. Create small water holes using explosions. Credit: Rseding91 Landfill Download: (Mirror)

SEDI Mod for Factorio

Welcome to Stage Extraterrestrial Developement Industries. New materials without adding new ores – Stone is now more important. – Ore processing: ore(chem.plant)->sludge(chem.plant)->compound(blast furnace)->products. – Changes to various vanilla recipes to use new materials. – Aliens drop Organic samples, needed to create a (toxic) fluid for more efficient ore processing. – Spitter spawner have a rare […]

Burn The Wood Advanced Mod for Factorio

Adds a Woodburner Manufacturing Unit wich burn wood in to coal and the recipes inspired by Burn the wood from enkindle and the burner manufacturing unit from Klonan and Laige I add a new recipe category, which works only with my Woodburner Unit. With this recipe its possible to use raw wood as a fuel […]

Automated Red Alert harvesters Mod for Factorio

How does it work? A step-by-step guide: 1. Research the technology. (/c game.players[1].force.technologies[“Old-World-Harvesting”].researched = true) 2. Craft a refinery and any number of harvesters. (About 200 should do) 3. Place them down. 4. Place a belt at any (or all) of the three lanes shown above. (Or don’t, you can use inserters) 5. Put coal […]

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