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Surivial Mode Mod for Factorio

The character on the game should be focus on survival, not just against the aliens, the clean water, food and oxygen should not be ignored. More info at forum post Credit: vioyrbr Surivial Mode Mod 2 Surivial Mode Mod 1 Surivial Mode Mod Download: (95 downloads)

Bob’s mods – Ores Mod for Factorio

Bob’s mods – Ores Mod adds new ore fields for the following new ore types: Tin, Silver, Gold, Galena (Lead), Tungsten, Bauxite (Aluminium), Zinc, Rutile (Titanium ore), and Quartz. It also adds the optional ores Nickel, Cobalt and Sulfur configurable in config.lua. Since Nickel ore is a requirement for Bob’s Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates mod, […]

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