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Oxygen Mod for Factorio

The story of Factorio tells, that the character has to prepare an alien planet for the colonists. But how many planets are Earth-like and at the same time have a human-friendly atmosphere? So this planet has maybe a poisonous atmosphere and we need oxygen to survive. The mod adds oxygen, oxygen bottles and other stuff […]

CyberChest Mod for Factorio

Cyberchest is a smart chest, addition to an assembling machine that enables whole production chains maid with a single machine. Just build it right next to an assembler, set up the chain, put raw components in and let it do the rest. BASIC INSTRUCTIONS Research technology “Cyberchests” (needs “Advanced electronics”) 1. Build a chest and […]

Pneumatic Tubes Mod for Factorio

Have an outer outpost that needs some types of items every now and then? No problem just create a pneumatic network to there and have it find the logistic requester chests at the outpost, if it sees an item missing it will automatically request those items from the logistic network the supplying chest is in. […]

Crafted Artifacts Mod for Factorio

This mod adds a recipe for crafting alien artifacts from a new resource, rare earth. It is intended to allow production of science packs for players who want to play peacefully. Rare earth is processed in a chemical plant (with copper and sulfuric acid) to make superconductors, which are crafted into superconducting wire, which is […]

N.Tech Chemistry Mod for Factorio

This mod adds (realistic) chemical processes, intermediates, fluids and more. Current features: – Sulfur processing chain – Rocket fuel processing chain – Barrel handling for all liquids Credit: Natha Chemistry Download: (Mirror)

Peaceful Mode Mod for Factorio

This is a simple mod intended to allow the crafting of alien artifacts from other components. You should be able to completely eliminate aliens from the game now if you’d like to just make factories. Credit: firegrenade Peaceful Mode Download: (205 downloads)

RoadWorks Mod for Factorio

RoadWorks is a mod focusing on adding the base connection infrastructure currently missing from Factorio. The mod expands on the car aspect of the game, adding features such as paved roads or speedometers. RoadWorks also adds limestone, which is a new kind of ore used to make concrete. Once the Hydraulic Cement research is done, […]

Magnet Mod for Factorio

Adds a new item, the magnet, crafted from a steel bar, a copper cable, and a battery. While held in hand, player picks up all items in a 16-tile radius. Basically, the “f” key on steroids. Credit: Schmendrick Magnet Download: (58 downloads)

Fluid Barrel Mod for Factorio

This mod is requested by Brekkjern inspired by the mod by btw located here. The original mod was reported broken so I have duplicated the mod. No code or images were taken from the previous mod. Fill barrels with any type of fluid in an assembler. Empty barrels with any type of fluid in an […]

Start Out Planning Mod for Factorio

Do you like using blueprints? I sure have started using them a lot, but it sure does take awhile to get them. This mod provides you with 1 blueprint and deconstruction planner, along with Automated Construction researched when you start a new game. This way you can utilize blueprints you have already made to help […]

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