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Hot George Mod for Stardew Valley

With Hot George Mod, George will transform to Stephen Hawking  and will have some retouched versions. This will be easier to me to go and give meaningfull gifts to their houses. Install Hot George Mod: Backup files Drop “Content” folder on your Stardew valley directory It replaces files on : Characters and Portraits Credit:Undare Download (63 […]

Portrait-Accurate Alex Mod for Stardew Valley

Portrait-Accurate Alex Mod changes some things on Alex.This mod makes it so that Alex’s world sprite looks more similar to his portrait. Install Portrait-Accurate Alex Mod Extract “content” to your Stardew Valley folder. Replace all files. You should backup your Alex.xnb incase you change your mind. Credit:iKeychain Portrait-Accurate Alex Portrait-Accurate Alex Post in nexus: here Download […]

Handsome Harvey Mod for Stardew Valley

Handsome Harvey Mod changes the portraits and sprite of Harvey with artwork in a new style. Installing Handsome Harvey Mod: Backup the original file /stardew valley/content/portraits Extract and replace the .xnb to mentioned above path. Credit:DewdropDewdrop Download (157 downloads)

Sebastian Girl Mod for Stardew Valley

Sebastian Girl Mod changes Sebastian to Female.So this mod changed portraits and gestures of Sebastian in Stardew Valley. Installing Sebastian Girl Mod: Backup original file .xnb in  the Content folder Extract file download and copy file .xnb  into the Content folder Credit:Adarin More: Sebastian Girl Dialogue Mod Download (1045 downloads) Donate for Adarin Donate $1.00 USDDonate […]

Stardew Valley Girl Mod for Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Girl Mod is a combined mod which aggregates all the Adarin’s mods for changing Main Male character to Female. More Girl Dialogue Changes Full Mod  Installing Stardew Valley Girl Mod: Backup original file .xnb in  the Content folder Extract file download and copy file .xnb  into the Content folder Credit: Adarin Post in nexus: here Download (1237 downloads)

Bald Hair Mod for Stardew Valley

Bald Hair Mod made the first Hairstyle invisible.And this mod changes the Farmer Sprites and adjust the other Hairstyles to fit the new Occiput. Installing Bald Hair Mod: Backup the original Files Copy the XNB files into …ContentCharactersFarmer Credit: ShamanKem Bald Hair Post in nexus: here Download (54 downloads)

Dizor’s Wizard Redraw Mod for Stardew Valley

As tall and thin as the Wizard’s overworld sprite is, his portrait is awfully squat and dwarfish.So Dizor’s Wizard Redraw Mod change his portrait. Like the accidental wild hair look, it gave the previous straight hair, so this is the result. Installing Dizor’s Wizard Redraw Mod: Backup original files. Extract to your base Stardew Valley folder and replace […]

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