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[SMAPI] Spouse Room Mod for Stardew Valley

Spouse Room Mod allows you easily select which room gets ‘drawn’ for each spouse/character. It will come in handy for those creating new marriage candidates, but it can also be used to change the rooms of the original marriage candidates. The config file contains a list of all the giftable NPCs. Spouse Room Mod Credit: Watagatapitusberry […]

Birch Building Mod for Stardew Valley

Birch Building Mod changes the final upgrade version of all farm buildings (except for the slime hutch, greenhouse, and totems). Initial unfinished recolors of the first two house upgrades are also available. Starting big coops and barns not included, deluxe only. Including a rose-gold recolor for the gold clock (may change this later) Birch Building […]

Hobbit Hole Season Mod for Stardew Valley

Hobbit Hole Season Mod is a building mod which adds a new player house in Stardew Valley.You will have four kinds of the house for four seasons in a year. Hobbit Hole Season Mod Credit: LemonEX Installing Hobbit Hole Season Mod Backup original file in case you want Download and Extract file into Stardew ValleyContentBuildings Download […]

Ali’s Enchanted Garden Buildings Mod for Stardew Valley

Ali’s Enchanted Garden Buildings Mod changes all the buildings in Stardew Valley to Enchanted Garden Buildings. Ali’s Enchanted Garden Buildings Mod Credit: Ali Read Installing Ali’s Enchanted Garden Buildings Mod Backup original file in case you want in  ContentBuildings Unzip file and place the files in the buildings folder in ContentBuildings Download (942 downloads)

Building Recolours Mod for Stardew Valley

Building Recolours Mod was inspired by the bright desert aesthetic and wanted something summery and beach house.Besides that, this mod adds black and light wood version and  blue roof and white walls. Install Building Recolours Mod Download all buildings and add them to your contentbuildings folder Remember to backup original file. Credit: strawberrymilk95 Download Building-Recolours-Mod.rar (530 downloads)

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