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Tego’s Farm Extension Mod for Stardew Valley

Tego’s Farm Extension Mod adds a few new locations designed mostly for exploring and foraging to make Stardew Valley feel bigger and better. Now you have more place to plant your plants, animal your animals and alcohol your kegs. There are three versions of farm expansions (included in the archive as FarmOpt etc).Locations added: House […]

Mushroom Tree Growth Mod for Stardew Valley

Mushroom Tree Growth Mod is a useful mod.This mod adds a simple re-texture for the growth stages of the mushroom tree so that it doesn’t look like a normal sampling. Install Mushroom Tree Growth Mod Copying the original file in Content folder to another folder in case you want to uninstall the new texture. Copy the […]

[SMAPI] Simple Crop Label Mod for Stardew Valley

Simple Crop Label Mod adds a tooltip identifying crops and fruit trees.To use it, you just hold Right Mouse Button (A Button) over crop/fruit tile. Requirement SMAPI 0.40.0. Download SMAPi in here Stardew Valley 1.07 Install Simple Crop Label Mod: Install SMAPI 0.40.0 Extract and place folder ‘SimpleCropLabel’ in your StardewValley/Mods folder.(Stardew Valley > Mods > SimpleCropLabel […]

Fruit Trees With Signs Mod for Stardew Valley

Do you know what Fruit Trees you had planted? Fruit Trees With Signs Mod just small signs for the fruit trees that let you know what you’ve planted. Installing Fruit Trees With Signs Mod: Backup previous fruitTrees.xml if you want! Extract file download to Content/TileSheets Credit:Develsaa Post in nexus: here Download (274 downloads)

Sweet Greenhouse Mod for Stardew Valley

Sweet Greenhouse Mod made your house sweeter. This is really amazing. Looking at these ScreenShot. Installing Sweet Greenhouse Mod: Important: Empty the Crops and Tiles in your greenhouse before mod install Backup StardewValleyContentMapsGreenhouse.xnb Extract downloaded the file and paste the folder “Content” into your Stardew Valley folder. Credit:Soo- Post in SDV forum: here Download (1461 downloads)

Green Farm Mod for Stardew Valley

Do you want a green farm? Are you tired of all that yellow dirt? Want all the space to customize the farm with and you don’t want anything in the way? Green Farm Mod will help you. This mod modified a couple of things in the farm: Removed most of the fences (replaced them with either […]

Farmhouse Basement Mod for Stardew Valley

Farmhouse Basement Mod was created for the purpose of adding more space for furnaces so that they don’t take place away from house decorations. (however, you can use the extra space for whatever you’d like.) Farmhouse Basement Mod Farmhouse Basement Mod 4 Versions Available: Original Version Restored Version Original Version + Working Bathroom *new* Restored […]

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