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Fish Tank Table Mod for Stardew Valley

Fish Tank Table Mod replaces either the Mahogany, Modern, Festive, or Winter dining tables with a Fish Tank! Installing Fish Tank Table Mod: Backup your furniture.xnb located at SteamsteamappscommonStardew ValleyContentTileSheets Download whichever dining table you’d like to replace with a fish tank Replace your old furniture.xnb with the new one! Credit:DarkKassanova Post in nexus: here Download […]

Kayoko Weapons Mod for Stardew Valley

Kayoko Weapons Mod changes up the vanilla weapon textures into something different and unique, no two weapons will ever look or even feel the same! Weapons completed: Carving Knife Iron Dirk Obsidian Edge Lava Katana Neptune’s Glaive Dark Sword Galaxy Sword Holy Blade Wooden Blade Galaxy Dagger Burglar’s Shank Rusty Sword Steel Smallsword Galaxy Hammer […]

Better Fences Mod for Stardew Valley

Better Fences Mod is a new mod which is about fences in Stardew Valley.This mod adds some new fences to the game such as Hardwood Fence, Iron Fence, Stone Fence and Wooden Fence. To get the gates of the other fences, place a gate on top of an existing wall. Install Better Fences Mod: Extract .rar […]

Gravity Falls Headwear Mod for Stardew Valley

With Gravity Falls Headwear Mod, you will have a new hat when you reach a certain achievement.And those hats designs are based on the Disney cartoon “Gravity Falls” by Alex Hirsch. Dipper’s hat is labeled “Pine Tree Hat”. Requires the Artisan Achievement. Craft 30 different items to unlock this achievement. Stanley’s Fez is labeled “Mystery […]

All Artifacts In Geodes Mod for Stardew Valley

All Artifacts in Geodes Mod helps you complete the Museums collection and hunt for worm tiles in a specific area. You have 2 Mods to choose.And you should see more about that in readme.txt in file download Install All Artifacts in Geodes Mod: Backup the File or download the original backup I’ve added as optional […]

Water Reserve Mod for Stardew Valley

You want to a big thing full of water instead of a proper well.Water Reserve Mod changes your well into a water reserve. Install Water Reserve Mod: Backup original file Unzip and drop it into contentbuildings and replace your old well.xnb Credit:yuiidragon Post in nexus: here Download (55 downloads)

Minecraft Sword Styles Mod for Stardew Valley

Minecraft Sword Styles Mod provides four new swords which were inspired by Minecraft.Those are: Wooden Blade -> Wooden Sword Silver Saber -> Iron Sword Lava Katana -> Gold Sword Galaxy Sword -> Diamond Sword Installing Minecraft Sword Styles Mod: Backup your weapons.xnb in SteamsteamappscommonStardew ValleyContentTileSheets Extract file download and replace with this one! Credit:DarkKassanova Post in nexus […]

Garden Hedge Mod for Stardew Valley

Garden Hedge Mod make our own hedge maze just like spirit festival in the farm.You can craft this from the wood fence when mid game people will switch wood fence to hardwood fence anyway. Also, since it replaced the wood fence, it needs to be repaired sometimes but if you use SMAPI there’s a durable […]

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