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Hot Spring Behind Joja Market Mod for Stardew Valley

Hot Spring Behind Joja Market Mod allows you to access the plateu behind the Joja Market via some stairs.And adds small outside Hotspring There is also a little outside hot spring located behind the market. UPDATED for Stardew Valley 1.1 Install Hot Spring Behind Joja Market Mod Just unzip the files and place them in your […]

Clean Shane’s Room Mod for Stardew Valley

Clean Shane’s Room Mod modified his room with most of the original elements, but got rid of the gross footprints that lead to the fridge, the huge keg, and spilled beers.Having some beer cans next to his gaming station. Clean Shane’s Room Mod Credit: Ora Installing Clean Shane’s Room Mod: Extract file and drag into the content/maps folder […]

Bath House Hot Spring Mod for Stardew Valley

Bath House Hot Spring Mod replaces the bathhouse with an indoor hot spring. You can now remove the unfitting noise from the changing rooms as well. Credits to DevilBro for making the original hot spring tiles.You can see that in here Credit:MiniPantsu Installing Bath House Hot Spring Mod Backup the original files in case you want Download […]

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