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Nintendo Themed Furniture Wallpaper Mod for Stardew Valley

Nintendo Themed Furniture Wallpaper Mod added new replacements for different furniture matching a Nintendo theme and added an edit for wallpaper and floors. Installing Nintendo Themed Furniture Wallpaper Mod: Backup original file Extract file download and place Furniture.xnb into Stardew ValleyContentTileSheets folder. Credit:Fox420 Post in SDV forum: here Download (137 downloads) (89 downloads)

Expansion Patch Mod for Stardew Valley

Expansion Patch Mod adds more features.For example: Furniture being placed *anywhere* and saved/loaded without breaking the serializer. Robin Sells all blueprints from all .xnb files located at ContentDataBlueprints You will actually need to make the ContentDataBlueprints folder if you want Robin to sell user-created buildings and put the respective .xnb files in there for them […]

Furniture Mod for Stardew Valley

Furniture Mod is an interesting mod which was created by MysticTempest.This mod modified about 22 pieces of furniture in the game.Those are: Breakfast chair (all directions) -> Maru’s Telescope Pink office chair -> Black barber chair Purple office chair -> Multi-colored diner stools “Tall” version(rotate for each color) Orange Office Stool -> Red diner stool “Short” […]

Witch’s Broom and Hat Mod for Stardew Valley

Witch’s Broom and Hat Mod makes a witch’s hat and a broomstick .They match well with my witchy-gothic buildings and interior. Witch’s Broom and Hat Mod Installing Witch’s Broom and Hat Mod Backup your original file in case you want. Download this mod. Extract file and Place hats.xnb in ContentCharactersFarmer replacing the original xnb file. Place horse.xnb […]

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