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Colonize Unlimited Mod for stellaris

Colonize Unlimited© is a mod designed to allow the player greater freedom in their colonization, especially mid-to-late game. Instead of being limited to planets that already house life, one with Colonize Unlimited© will be able to colonize every rock-based planet, provided they have toasters by which I mean robots. In addition, the player with Colonize […]

Insider Tooltips [DE/EN] for Stellaris

This mod is savegame, achievement, multiplayer and ironman compatible and works with german and english language. Steam Workshop ID: 682479195 Credit: Ryuichiro Additional Ethic Information: buildings edicts technology [Only German] – Additional technology Information: unlocked Technologies their effects Compatibility: Multiplayer Savegames Ironmode Achievements German & English Mods that don’t change the exact same tooltips. Download:  […]

Rich Ringworld Start Mod for Stellaris

Rich Ringworld Start Mod Rich Ringworld Start Mod 1 Rich Ringworld Start Mod 2 Rich Ringworld Start Mod adds new ringworld system start that can be selected for custom empires. New starting system: Ringworld system with 12 habitable and rich segments Steam Workshop ID: 686314357 By: IÜ Download: (576 downloads)

Epic Explosions Mod for Stellaris

This fix will improve the ‘Epic Explosions’ mod at the cost of mod compatibility. Don’t use this with Downscaled Ships, there is another fix that does the same thing for it. Steam Workshop ID: 693467181 By: Chondrite Improvements: Reactor explosions are rarer: only 1/3rd of corvettes and destroyers will explode this way. There is no […]

Shrines of the Old Gods Fix Mod for Stellaris

This is a fairly simple mod that fixes the currently broken Shrine of the Old Gods questline. – Upon completion of the quest and selection of the population changing outcome the quest will now actually change the population. – Selecting the population changing outcome will also now end the mission and clear it from the […]

Empire Essentials Mod for Stellaris

Empire Essentials Mod Empire Essentials Mod makes a number of changes I found desirable and puts them all in one convenient package, taking care of numerous small tweaks, both common and often overlooked as well as adding some things I felt were missing from the game. Currently new features are being added every few days […]

UI Overhaul 1080p Mod for Stellaris

Warning: This mod is for use on 1920×1080 resolution or higher. If you’re having issues with windows being unusable, your resolution is set incorrectly either in your in-game settings or in your settings.txt (DoumentsParadox InteractiveStellarissettings.txt). Please make sure your resolution is correct before commenting about the mod not working for you. Thanks! UI Overhaul 1080p […]

Diplomacy Fixes for Stellaris

This mod fixes some bugs with the new 1.2.1 patch. Some diplomacy options were broken. Diplomacy Fixes Steam Workshop ID: 718245159 Credit: Noobier Changes: Unbreakable defensive pacts (with vassals or tributaries) can now be broken. Independence support can now be stopped. Subject relative power to overlord calculated correctly (strong overlords have subjects with a better […]

More Genetic Engineering Mod for Stellaris

Actually only a Fix for only one case: If you modify your primary species completly, the game doesn´t notice that and make it aliens at all with all problems of that. More Genetic Engineering Mod fires an event in the background which changes the primary species of your country to the new modified but only […]

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