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Super Advanced Governments for Stellaris

This mod expands the government types, adding third level governments. After researching Galactic Reforms, you will be able to upgrade your government to a super advanced form. FEATURES Super Advanced Government Forms Further enhance your bureaucratic efficiency with third level governments! Every vanilla advanced government now has a super advanced form, with increased effects. COMPATIBILITY […]

ZBeautiful Battles Mod for Stellaris 1.2.4

ZBeautiful Battles Mod ZBeautiful Battles Mod improves the battle aesthetics of the game. The original game was made in such a way that the battles end up extremely cluttered with very little space inbetween ships and alot of clipping etc. Please compare screenshots labelled Beautiful Battle Mod interspaced with corresponding screenshots labelled Default game to appreciate […]

Some More Polices Mod for Stellaris

This mod adds some new policies to the game. Currently I have only two policies, more updates to come! The Policies: Law Enforcement – Change the way your police handle crimes across your empire! Execution – Change the methods of determining when to use it! To Do List: More Policies Diplomacy Modifiers Events Related to […]

Interstellar Extras – Humans Mod for Stellaris

“Interstellar Extras – Humans” Core Features: (REQUIRES Interstellar Essentials to work) Pre-scripted Human Empires – 8 new fully detailed human empires with unique lore, name lists, and starting conditions inspired by various science fiction and alternate history sources; they can be randomly generated during galaxy creation (although more than one should never spawn per galaxy) […]

ISBS – Micro Jump Mod for Stellaris

Improved Space Battles – Micro Jump adds the ability to jump ships over a short distance during combat. The mod is standalone and should be compatible with anything that doesn’t touch the fleet combat window (UI 1080p overhaul included, but the fleet combat window goes back to vanilla size because I have to mod the […]

Realistic Stars Mod for Stellaris 1.2.1

Did you know red dwarves are more than 70% of our galaxy stars? or that only K, G and F stars have the right qualities for the development of complex life? don’t you find it weird that all stars have the same size? Realistic Stars Mod aims to improve realism on the galaxies generated by the game, […]

Elite Militaries Mod for Stellaris 1.2.5

Elite Militaries Mod ELITE MILITARIES Have you ever wondered why all of the races in Stellaris have nearly identical military structure, form and ship technology level? Why is it that even though two races seperated by 1000’s of lightyears they both have technology that mirrors their own? This mod aims to Deepen the diversity of […]

Planet Cap Raised Mod for Stellaris

This will raise the Planet Cap to 10 It will only increase the base cap so everything that adds to the cap will give you more than 10 planets will not mess up your save file if you remove the mod, everything is back to normal Download (559 downloads) Credit: Aleph

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