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EvE Online: Horizons – Ship Models Mod for Stellaris

This mod adds 12 new models to the Eve Online: Horizons. Horizons – Ship Models Mod 1 Horizons – Ship Models Mod Horizons Mod for Stellaris 1 Horizons Mod for Stellaris 2 Steam Workshop ID: 704810326 | Credit: sG|Vorgx Science Ship: Magnate (Amarr) Imicus (Gallente) Heron (Caldari) Probe (Minmatar) Frigates Tormentor (Amarr) Incursus (Gallente) Kestrel (Caldari) […]

Aliens Vs Predators Mod for Stellaris

Aliens Vs Predators Mod 2 Aliens Vs Predators Mod 1 Aliens Vs Predators Mod Aliens Vs Predators Mod adds Aliens (Xenomorphs) and Predators (Yautja) as portraits to the game. Includes name lists and species greeting sounds. Does not generate presets, so you can encounter them as normal, be it a trade happy xenomorph or a […]

Protectorate integration Mod for Stellaris

Protectorate integration Mod allows you to start integrating Protectorate aliens into your empire. Normally you have to have them become vessels first which can take awhile as they need to have 60% of your tech level. Protectorate integration Mod Steam Workshop ID: 682308503 By: Omega Download: (156 downloads)

AI Revamp for Asimov Mod for Stellaris

AI Revamp for Asimov Mod provides a major overhaul to the AI in the Asimov 1.2.1 patch, it makes the game harder, and allows it to feel more ‘alive.’ Aggression and openness to treaties (based on dependent factors) have both been increased. Sectors have been improved upon, also. (Thanks to Enhanced AI.) Many thanks to […]

Star Trek New Horizons Mod for Stellaris

Star Trek New Horizons is a community-driven project aiming to deliver the best Star Trek game experience in the last 10 years. As this will be a total conversion we plan on creating a whole new canon static universe with proper factions, ships, portraits and storytelling. Prepare to relive your favorite Episodes and movies, this […]

African name list Mod for Stellaris

Create your own African space empire using this name list. Who needs lions and rhinos when you can hunt for Blorg? The ships are named after all 380+ tribes of Africa and the planets are named after all countries of Africa. The other African names are in Swahili. All African character names are from the […]

Background Quotes Mod for Stellaris

Background Quotes Mod adds (currently) 140 (280 male+female) individual “quotes” as Biography entries for your soldiers. The female versions have been checked to make sure they’re sensible – sort of. Some are NSFW (language) and some contain Britishisms & colloquial Englishisms. The quotes are from books, films & the internet. None are my own work, […]

Killzone Unleashed Mod for Stellaris

Killzone Unleashed Mod Features: 1. Killzone ignores your concealment status and fires on anything that moves once activated. 2. Killzone no longer has a reaction penalty during an ambush. 3. Cone selection area is now customizable. 4. Select whether Killzone requires concealment or not to activate (default false). You can disable everyone of those individually […]

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