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Edicts++ for Stellaris

Enjoy easy, arcade or sandbox mode style game of Stellaris! Fun cheats/boosts to test/mess around with! (May include easy gamemodes) Steam Workshop ID: 686391357 By: Aitherix Edicts++ for Stellaris 3 Edicts++ for Stellaris 2 Edicts++ for Stellaris 1 Edicts++ for Stellaris Features/Compatibility 100+ Toggleable edict modifiers to use, from basic to single selection (more control) […]

Sterilisation Mod for Stellaris

Sterilisation Mod adds a trait that disables reproduction for a species. Being sterile will slowly kill off the pop, though it will take many decades. Balancing will be off though, so any help balancing it would be appreciated. Steam Workshop ID: 682313949 By: CPT. blackadder Sterilisation Mod 1 Sterilisation Mod Download: (51 downloads)

Smaller Resource Icons Mod for stellaris

Smaller Resource Icons Mod is a simple mod to reduce the size of all resource and colonazible planet icons on map (in an attempt to make late game galaxy map less cluttered). Still new to modding, so any help/advice would be greatly appreciate. Steam Workshop ID: 686583953 By: Rathwill Smaller Resource Icons Mod Smaller Resource […]

Portuguese Names Mod for Stellaris

Portuguese Names Mod adds a list of Portuguese names so as to spice up the vanilla names and to add some historical names from the longest colonial empire in the world. The mod simply adds Portuguese names to the list of already existing names in the creating an empire screen. I added historical names for […]

Expanded System Names Mod for Stellaris

Expanded System Names Mod simply extends the list of system names to 5,000 by adding an additional 4,000 randomly generated names to the list. This enables playing galaxies of up to 5,000 stars without having unnamed systems. Expanded System Names Mod Steam Workshop ID: 712324095 | Credit direwolf007 Download: (108 downloads) For 1.2.1: (143 […]

Land Reclamation Mod for Stellaris

Land Reclamation Mod adds a single piece of Society technology called “Land Reclamation” which, once acquired, allows an edict of the same name to be enacted on any of the player’s colonized planets for 200 influence which will increase the available surface area by one tile. This is instantaneous and may be repeated once every […]

Old Grievances Mod for Stellaris

This is a mod that is composed of an amalgamation of other mods, dedicated to fleshing out Human nations and prevalent ideologies of the past. Currently, I’m working on the major powers of the Second World War. It is not polished by any means, but I wanted to get out what I currently had compiled. […]

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