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Interstellar Extras – Humans Mod for Stellaris

“Interstellar Extras – Humans” Core Features:

(REQUIRES Interstellar Essentials to work)

Pre-scripted Human Empires – 8 new fully detailed human empires with unique lore, name lists, and starting conditions inspired by various science fiction and alternate history sources; they can be randomly generated during galaxy creation (although more than one should never spawn per galaxy) or play as them yourself

Earth Liberation Front — At war with an enigmatic alien invader for nearly 90 years, Humanity is utterly changed from the hopeful species it was at the dawn of the 22nd Century. The old nations of Earth are long forgotten. For generations, all that mattered was survival. In the end, victory came through endurance. With other threats on the galactic stage, the aliens could ill afford to continue their costly occupation. Liberation came at last, but all that remained of a human government was the military council of the resistance. For a decade, its generals worked to create the global consensus that Earth must never again be caught unawares. Only with strong military leadership will Humanity succeed on the galactic stage. Vive la Libération!

Enlightened Peoples of Earth — Rampant overpopulation on Earth nearly destroyed human civilization. During the worst of the planet’s upheavals, a new philosophy took root in the Far East. Its leaders spoke of a collective Human consciousness that was expanding beyond a crucial point. At last Humanity was ready to accept life’s fundamental truth: that life’s only purpose is life itself. Learning to extend their awareness outward, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of Humanity, followers found sollace amid endless turmoil. This movement came to dominate Earth, where most now see the goals of the group and the wider species as transcendent, and believe embracing them is to achieve enlightenment.

Holy Terran Empire — Ages ago, the declining Roman Empire was restored to glory by the conquests of Belisarius. Thereafter, Rome withstood the rapine of tribal usurpers and weathered centuries of turmoil to remain a dominant political force in Europe. Technology swiftly progressed, leading to increased contact and trade between Terra’s great powers. Brutal conflicts with the Chinese and Indian empires over spheres of influence cost many lives, but did little to forestall Rome’s dominance of Terra. By the industrial age, however, the power of the mercantile elector class within Rome’s upper echelons far outstripped that of the Senate or even the Emperor himself. A race of fortune-builders, the Romans now aim to own the stars themselves.

Human Continuity Initiative — Malicious extradimensional aliens made Sol their target for unknown reasons in the mid-21st Century. Only the intervention of a passing fleet belonging to one of the galaxy’s ancient empires saved Humanity from extinction. Though Earth itself was destroyed and the inner Solar System rendered uninhabitable, Humanity was able to migrate to the Jovian moons with the help of their alien benefactors. This aid, though fleeting, was never forgotten. Successor to the old United Nations, the Human Continuity Initiative oversees development in the Refuge Worlds and seeks recontact with the galaxy’s friendly alien powers. The Initiative is a torch in the dark, burning for the Earth-That-Was, may its memory never be extinguished.

Mars Colonial Authority — Earth is lost, but its children took out a life insurance policy: Mars. Private economic and scientific development of Mars in the 21st and 22nd centuries created a thriving society there. When ecological disaster and rampant warfare at last signed Earth’s death warrant, Humanity endured on the Red Planet. Rudimentary terraforming brought the Martian environment to a minimum ‘shirt sleeves’ habitability level. Life there is not easy, compared to Old Earth, but it is a life. Martian society is remarkably libertarian. The rogue scientist and hard-scrabble pioneer are celebrated equally. On the brink of interstellar flight, this grit and free-wheeling spirit may yet carry Humanity to the most distant stars.

Millennium Covenant — Armaggedon came, and humanity was heir to a ruined world. Secular philosphies nearly destroyed the Earth through greed and excess. But behold! From the ashes of six billion souls, the Kingdom of Heaven is risen anew. Reforged in the radioactive fires of the Apocalypse, the great faiths are one at last. From Jerusalem to Mecca to Rome, the children of God raise their voices together in hope. The New Dark Ages are ending. With new technology sanctioned by the Guardian Council, mankind will at last attain the stars. The myriad wonders of Creation call out for witness. Each unknown virgin world beckons with the prospect of a new Eden. Rapture is come, and the faithful will ascend to the heavens at last.

Revolutionary Union of Sol — Earth’s industrial age brought with it widespread political upheaval. At the bidding of tyrants and their bourgeois lackeys, war both hot and cold cost many lives and lasted many generations. In the end, the people triumphed. The Red October revolution became a global movement with undeniable momentum. Old, corrupt societies fell as the workers of the world united. Eventually, the dictatorship of the proletariat gave way to true communism. Fortunately so, for collective ownership of Earth ensured its survival despite climate change. Looking to the stars, Humanity strives for a bright future where the galaxy takes from each being according to its ability and gives to each according to its need.

United Earth Colonies — By the mid-21st Century, Earth’s political regimes already required updating, but it was the changing planet itself that forced changes in civilization. Resource limits meant either conflict or cooperation. Humanity chose cooperation. Autocratic states and Enlightenment-era republics gave way to streamlined technocratic social democracies. The UN evolved into the United Earth Community, whose plenary council still serves as the de facto world (and off-world) government. More confident, far-seeing, capable, and prudent than at any other time in their history, the people of Earth finally look to the stars. With their planetary home at last in order, the frontier is everywhere and the open road still softly calls.

This is a modular component in my Interstellar mod series. It REQUIRES the Interstellar Essentials mod to work.


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Credit: Hegemon4Hire

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