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Realistic Stars Mod for Stellaris 1.2.1

Did you know red dwarves are more than 70% of our galaxy stars? or that only K, G and F stars have the right qualities for the development of complex life? don’t you find it weird that all stars have the same size?

Realistic Stars Mod aims to improve realism on the galaxies generated by the game, without compromising variety or gameplay.

Steam Workshop ID: 717706829 | Credit: Danter72

Realistic Stars Mod introduces the following changes:

  • The spawn values of the stars follow reality much more closely. Red dwarfs are the most common star by far, followed by orange dwarfs, yellow dwarfs and yellow-white dwarfs. A-type and blue giants are very rare. (The values are not 100% realistic, otherwise you would just swim in a sea of red dwarfs)
  • Icons in the galaxy view have been changed to represent the real sizes of the stars. (I think it looks really good)
  • Star sizes have been changed, red dwarves are the same size as vanilla, all the other stars have been increased in size proportionally to their sizes in real life. (Not too radical, I wanted to keep it in proportion of vanilla scales)
  • Empires and Primitives only spawn on K, G, F stars. Other stars still spawn habitable planets, but at a decreased rate. (the decrease is also in vanilla, not part of the mod)
  • Since B-type stars are around as rare as black holes now, this huge stars now yield 5 energy always.
  • A-type stars are very big and rare as well, so they have an increased chance of generating either 2 or 3 energy.


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