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SimpleTeleporters Mod for Factorio

SimpleTeleporters Mod adds simple teleporters with different tiers and GUI features!

SimpleTeleporters Mod
SimpleTeleporters Mod


  • Type: Mod
  • Name: SimpleTeleporters
  • Description: This mods adds easy-to-use teleporters!
  • License: Contact me!
  • Version: 0.0.5
  • Release: 2015-10-21
  • Tested-With-Factorio-Version: 0.12.12
  • Category: (Item, SimpleExtension, Gameplay)
  • Tags: Free, New Items, Teleportation

How to use SimpleTeleporters Mod

  • Its simple: first you need to research the “Teleportation”. After that, you can go ahead and craft the Teleporter Base.
  • You can research Teleportation Matrix Stabilization 2 till 10 to enable the tier upgrade modules which you can use for upgrading your Teleporters.
  • You might being questioning, what different Tiers to. Basicially, every tier increases its maximum teleport distance, so have a look at the Tier specifications,

    to get an overview on which tier does what.

Teleporter Core

This is the core item. You need it to craft a full working teleporter. You can craft it in any Assembling Machine by putting Liquid Alien Artifacts inside.

Liquid Alien Artifacts

Is a fluid. To generate this, you just need to put Light Oil and Alien Artifacts in a Chemic Plant.


The Main teleporter base. Craft it with some copper, iron, electronic circuits, processing units, and the Teleporter Core!

Teleporter Tier 2 – 10

A upgraded teleporter. Every tier has higher specifications. Take a look on the list under this here!


You use this tool to link two teleporters together. First, click with the Telelinker in hand on a teleporter. Then you click on the other one, and they are linked!

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