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[SMAPI] Farm Automation Item Collector Mod for Stardew Valley

Farm Automation Item Collector Mod will collect items from your barns, coops, and machines (in various locations) and put them in nearby chests. If the chest contains appropriate raw materials, it will also immediately refill the machine.


The easiest setup imaginable is just placing a chest near a machine:

Item Collector Mod

Farm Automation Item Collector Mod

As you can see, if you put materials into the chest, the machine next to it will use those materials and return the finished items, in this case, a Copper Bar, back into the Chest. The Machine will continue to work as long as there are materials in the chest.

But usually, you don’t just have one machine. You can place as many machines and connect them to one of your chests. Even different machines. The following setup, for example, shows how you can setup multiple machines and connect them with a Wood Path to your chest.

Item Collector Mod

Farm Automation Item Collector Mod

In action:

Item Collector Mod

Farm Automation Item Collector Mod

Credit: Oranisagu

UPDATED for Stardew Valley 1.1

This version was created by maddy99. Features:

  • Fix for barns was throwing an exception that would break all automation
  • Added Void Egg to acceptable items for the Mayonnaise Machine
  • Works in cellar
  • Casks should now work properly
  • Coffee Beans and Honey added to Keg
  • Add the ability to suppress the item pops when machines finish processing
  • Maybe an in-game menu to handle config?
  • A pipe dream possibly, but maybe a configurable to sort items to specific chests to transfer items around your farm instead of just to machines.
Farm Automation Item Collector Mod

Farm Automation Item Collector Mod

The image basically shows the setup, by default the Hut will connect on the bottom-left corner, either next to or in front of the building. The Mill has an input and an output, input goes directly the hole on the front of the building, the output is the bin to the side.

With this example setup, you can have a wheat/beet farm that the Junimos will harvest, it will be collected in the chest in the center, the wheat/beets will be loaded into the mill from that chest and then in the morning the flour/sugar will be loaded back into the chest. This setup does require having a chest in the middle, you can’t directly connect the buildings.


Installing Farm Automation Item Collector Mod:

  1. Backup original file in case you want
  2. Download the zip file and extract it into your mods folder (either %AppData%StardewValleyMods or the games installation directory) and start SMAPI.
  3. There are some configuration options, though you can probably leave those at their defaults.

Download (215 downloads) For SDV 1.0 (2724 downloads) For SDV 1.1

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