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Persistent Momentum Mod For KSP 0.23.5

This is an incredibly useful mod, download it and enjoy right now along your friends … We would like permission to list some of its useful features such as the following: Allowing the creation of rotational stabilised satellites, space stations, centripetal and an all round more realistic docking experience. It also adds difficulty via not […]

Lego Space Flags Mod For KSP 0.23.5

This mod gives the player some choice about logo, brand … Some of the logo is to have transparent background, another one is color … you are free to choose for themselves the favorite logo to decorate for the aircraft, rocket your beloved. Have fun! Screenshots:  Author: mortexic Download: (51 downloads)

NOTAM-IVA-Altimeter Mod For KSP 0.23.5

This mod provides a programming language to let the kerbal read and understand … for example: Code: hand100Name = MediumArm hand 1000Name = ShortArm hand 10000Name = LongArm instead off Code: hand100Name = LongArm hand 1000Name = MediumArm hand 10000Name = ShortArm Screenshots:  Author: Tabakhase Download: NOTAM-IVA-Altimeter Mod For KSP 0.23.5 (0 downloads)

TAC Containers by R.R. Dynamics Inc. Mod For KSP 0.23.5

This mod gives the player a new container number, about how to install this mod has some note as follows: To avoid conflict, you have to delete the “TacLifeSupportHexCans” and “TacLifeSupportContainers” is located in the folder “ThunderAerospace” then drop this mod on that folder. Also a note again that’s if you want to keep the […]

Advanced Wheels Mod For KSP 0.23.5

Advanced Wheels Mod is a mod trials, the author shares that it will be deleted soon if not getting good feedback. And to this point, it still works, that means this is a helpful mod. Let’s own it before it is deleted from the world if it gets deleted, KSP, we make sure that the […]

More Adapters Mod For KSP 0.23.5

Welcome to Mod More Adapters, you will enjoy a very interesting mod and attractive … FYI this mod we would be allowed to not offer anything … why such dress? author shared that he wanted players to experiment and find out yourself what this mod interesting, said earlier he did not want anything to avoid […]

NukeOMax Mod For KSP 0.23.5

NukeOMax Mod is a mod is useful, it gives the Player 2 new engines very useful and effective, based on the fuel supply of hydrogen and nuclear fuel. In addition to this mod also give players a number system inside of a tank, namely the operation of the system. You are also waiting for what? […]

Champagne Bottle Mod For KSP 0.23.5

Welcome with Champagne Bottle Mod, we are really sorry because we do not have any information about this mod to introduce to you. The author shares that he introduced in detail the features and how to control this in the mod in the instructions, read the directions carefully before enjoy it. Also make sure that […]

Commonmod Pack Mod For KSP .023.5

The author doesn’t give us any information whatsoever about this mod but he has prepared a video talking about his mod. We guess in this video will contain the necessary information for players, contains the basic information about this mod. Let’s watch those videos to know better understand this mod before downloading it. Please leave […]

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