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Nyan Kat Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Nyan Kat Mod will give you some new items such as: Head Pod: Kerbals Body: Poptart, 2 Holds Holds mono propellant, liquid fuel and oxidizer, Shoots rainbows and plays music, Paw: VTOL landing Landing leg, Tail RCS: A 5-way RCS port, Ship: The NyanKat ship for the SPH … And some of the new features […]

M8 Mod For KSP 0.24.2

M8 Mod For KSP 0.24.2 gives the player a “push” system used in the reaction system of the missile.To use this “push” system you need to have a special fuel contains: hydrazine and hydrogen peroxide.In addition to this mod also offers a short and tall adapter for the engine. Please download and enjoy this mod, […]

Banana for Scale Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Banana for Scale Mod will give you a banana, it’s been a long time in a research laboratory of the United States of America and your mission is to take it to your research centre to continue the work left unfinished by the American scientist. When you download and install this mod, you will get […]

MJY Deep Space 9 Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Deep Space 9 MJY will give you the model of a warehouse bay hovering over the universe … Your task is not difficult, the design and built it into a complete repository to be able to use. If you take advantage of the warehouses then it will bring you the benefits not less. Try the […]

Army Surplus V1.5 Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Army Surplus Mod V1.5 provides you with some new tools and systems so you can design and manufacture missiles. In addition you can also optionally edit the available missile provided by KSP.This is not the final version of this mod, it is still being developed, follow our website regularly to be providing the latest updates. […]

Add Physics Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Add Physics Mod provides a module to allow new players to manage the configuration and change most of the parts from mass to drag. A further special feature is that: This mod thus stops exploits resulting from the use of physicless parts such as using the OMS engine to generate TWRs above what should be […]

Resource Manager Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Welcome to the Resource Manager Mod, we do not know what this mod is and how it works, but we can confirm that this is an interesting and intriguing mod. The author provides a number of photographs and basic information about this mod for us but he has a requirement that: Do not provide any […]

Eureka Stockade Flag Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Eureka Stockade Flag Mod simply gives players a flag of “Eureka Stockade” … help you more confident in the adventure … simply that, a neat little mod, useful and interesting, the longer you wait wait what? Feel this mod download and enjoy it right now. Have fun! Screenshots:  Author: stezzac Download: (50 downloads)

Munar Rover Wheel Mod For KSP 0.24.2

Sure is this mod will give the player some kind of new wheel as its name. Please see the pictures below are of our introductions, these images will talk up all the interesting and attractive thing of this mod, if find useful please download and enjoy it. Have fun! Screenshots:  Author: keenguitar Download: (106 downloads)

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