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KDEX Mod For KSP 0.25.0

KDEX Mod inspired by the NASA mission ladee, this mission is planned with the aim of exploring the mysteries on the moon. Specifically this mod provides a device capable of measuring the density of dust particles on the moon. If interested, please download this mod and enjoy … All the details are specific author introduced […]

Mk1 Inline Cockpit Internals Mod For KSP 0.25

This mod replaces the stock internal scenery of C7s Mk1 inline cockpit (previously named the Mk2 cockpit), adding flight instruments and a view of the outside. If have any questions about this mod, please contect we to give the best information. Screenshots:  Author: Sam_Hall Download: Mk1 Inline Cockpit Internals

RCS+ Mod For KSP 0.25

RCS+ Mod has new RCS parts, is easy to use thrusters and other RCS improvements. This mod revamps and extends RCS systems and fuels. Stock parts have been modified and new parts added to make RCS more intuitive to use and to create an interesting dynamic between monopropellant engines and LFO engines. Features: Large RCS thrusters use […]

Mk.2 Lightning Cockpit for B9 Mod For KSP 0.25

Mk.2 Lightning Cockpit for B9 Mod is a two-man cockpit made to fit well with the Mk2 parts from B9 Aerospace. Inspired by the F-35 and F-22, the module has built-in air intakes, a fully loaded IVA and a huge glass canopy. It is cccessible through the MFDs are a forward, landing, bombing, and rear view […]

LogCleaner Mod For KSP 1.0.4

Have useless, annoying, irrelevant and bandwidth consuming lines in the KSP log files ever maked you uncomfortable? LogCleaner Mod  is for you. This mod is a little tool to remove unnecessary lines, the standard mode remove empty lines (which contains only a carriage return character). Beside that it could be also an useful help for modders who […]

PadLock Mod For KSP 1.0.4

Are your rockets too hot to control? Don’t worry, i will introduce PadLock Mod. This mod is a simple plugin that enables Indestructible Facilities on for one second after loading the vessel, then turns it back off. It’s very helpful. Enjoy it! Screenshots: Author: magico13 Dowload: PadLock Mod

TT SSP MK2 Nose Mod For KSP 0.25

TT SSP MK2 Nose Mod is a nice mod. I think you will need it. This mod basically adds a part based on the stock MK2 pointy cockpit which is instead a nosecone containing fuel. Also has a large flag on it. Screenshots: Author: TouhouTorpedo Dowload: TT SSP MK2 Nose Mod

LFO Balancer Mod For KSP 0.25

LFO Balancer Mod is a mod that dumps oxidizer to balance it with the amount of liquid fuel left in the tanks. It allows you to have a lower mass while in flight. It does this with the amazing power of the fuel dump valve, which may or may not be a cannibalized Double-C Seismic Accelerometer. Screenshots: […]

DeepFreeze Mod For KSP 0.25

DeepFreeze Mod is an interesting mod, it cryogenically freezes your kerbonauts for long term storage. Features: alongside any other mod that affects a vessel’s crew it will effectively remove the frozen kerbal from being tracked or modified. Life support mods, for example, will not consume resources for frozen kerbals. News: One resource: Glykerol. This will be […]

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