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Lazor System Mod For KSP 0.90

You can find all interesting in this mod? Why? Because this is a new mod, it include many new things can bring for you the feeling you never felt in any other mod. I’s sure that this mod will is a hot mod in KSP. Lazor System Mod is a useful mod, it add either the […]

Ox-IA Converter Mod For KSP 0.9

Ox-IA Converter Mod is an useful mod and i think you will need it. This Mod is a small converter which take oxydizer and generate IntakeAir resource by using some weird chemical and/or nuclear processes. It allows to use air breathing engines in space or on oxygen-less bodies. But you may have never notice it IntakeAir […]

Resource Overview Mod For KSP 0.9

Resource Overview Mod is a nice mod. It will support you to see all the resources on the vessel you was building. It’s a simple plugin which shows you following things in the VAB/SPH: Total/Dry Mass Crew Capacity Part Count All Resources on the vessel an their max amount It is integrated with blizzy’s toolbar as well […]

Asmi’s ECLSS Mod V1 For KSP 0.9

I think Asmi’s ECLSS is mod that you have waited. It’s an useful mod. Features: – From now on each crewmember consumes oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, once they are outside breathable atmosphere (14km for Kerbin). – Crew can not live without oxygen outside of breatheable atmosphere, and as such, they will die a horrible […]

KerTex Explosives Mod For KSP 0.9

KerTex Explosives Mod is a potent explosive device and causes big damage. It can be attached to any part and blow up all parts within a selectable radius between 1m and 25m. I think this is exactly what you need. How to use: After clicking the K-Tex part a window will appear showing you the selectable explosion radius, the […]

Gas Tank v0.01 Mod For KSP 0.9

Gas Tank v0.01 Mod adds a new gas tank with a lot of fuel. Note that you need heavy engines to lift this thing! A small engine won’t be enough. Test it and leave some feedback. Statistics: Mass: 107 tons (Very heavy!) Size: Medium (Compact!) Entry cost (career/science only (cost in R&D facility)): 10000 Cost (career/science […]

BOMPs Mod For KSP 0.9

BOMPs( Bolt-On Mission Probes) Mod is are unmanned command modules or probe cores. As you know BOMPs stopped working when stock probe cores were added before. But now, it’s happy to hear that they were originally released. It’s great! I will give some reasons to use a BOMP instead of a standard probe core: You remember them from when they […]

Strategem Mod For KSP 0.9

Strategem Mod is an useful mod with a great enhancement. This mod adds a number of new strategies to the game, that complement the stock strategies. Fully balanced towards stock values, these strategies should help you try out new play styles. Advantages: Reliable Technology Do as the Russians do and build your spacecraft based on tried-and-tested technology […]

Kerbal Weather Systems! Mod For KSP 0.9

With Kerbal Weather Systems! Mod, you no long worry about rain, wind,… when you go sailing, flying. This mod will give you newest information about weather. This mod is for you. It’s really an useful mod. Enjoy it! Screenshots: Showcase: Author: SilverFox8124 Dowload: Kerbal Weather Systems!

Bizarre Command Pod, or Biza Mod For KSP 0.9

This mod is a very light command pod, a lot light than heavy cuppola or other pod. It offers a large number of flat surfaces outside to attach everything you need (solar panels, batteries, science sensors, …). Its particular shape would allow to build some new kind of space station or base. I hope that you will […]

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